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Join Kaspa’s 2nd Birthday Bash: Participate in $1M Airdrop Event with OKX and

Kaspa’s 2nd Birthday Fuels a Huge Airdrop Campaign

Promising blockchain network, Kaspa, recently celebrated its second birthday with quite a spectacle. Industry frontrunners like, OKX Web3, ICERIVER, IGV, and Rhubarb Media joined forces to launch an impressive $1 million Airdrop Campaign.

This exceptional event, that was exclusively held on OKX Cryptopedia, provided participants a wonderful chance to bag $1 million USD worth of $KAS. Win or lose, every participant received an exclusive, uniquely designed, no charge NFT, referred to as KASBOTS.

Kaspa’s Distinguishing Features

The focal point of the celebrations was Kaspa’s stellar performance in its two-year journey. The platform not just made waves in the industry, but also redefined the boundaries of decentralized technology.

Setting an example as the fastest open-source blockchain, its groundbreaking architecture allowed parallel blocks and instant transaction confirmations, boastfully fueled by a sturdy proof-of-work engine with incredible single-second block intervals.

Kaspa’s peer-to-peer, super-fast, safe, and decentralized payment system is what makes it a crème de la crème choice, while Bitcoin struggles with piles of unconfirmed transactions and steep fees.

Exploring further, Kaspa is also looking into the possibility of introducing Smart Contracts, an innovation known as Rollups (RU) designed to boost the speed and efficiency of blockchain transactions exponentially.

Celebrating Kaspa with a Million-Dollar Airdrop Campaign and KASBOTS NFT

The $1 million worth of $KAS Airdrop Campaign, coupled with the launch of KASBOTS NFT, formed the highlights of Kaspa’s second-anniversary celebrations. Participants turned to the OKX Wallet Mobile App and embarked on the Cryptopedia X Kaspa season event.

Joining the event was as easy as pie. Participants simply had to complete certain assigned tasks to win the stylish KASBOTS NFTs at zero cost, only to potentially win a share of the $1 million worth of $KAS Airdrop.

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About Kaspa

Kaspa has emerged as an impressive Layer-1 blockchain network that superbly handles parallel blocks and instant transaction confirmations, thanks to its revolutionary architecture with rapid single-second block intervals. This truly sets Kaspa apart in the blockchain network universe.

About is an authorized crypto payment service provider with dual licenses for Electronic Money Institution (EMI) and exchange by the European Union. The mission is to bridge the gap between premium merchant partners and the blockchain community, thereby powering crypto payments and enriching blockchain communities.

Kaspa and its willing partners are driving the revolutionary wave in decentralized technology, with more breakthroughs to be expected in the near future.

Frequently asked Questions

1. What is Kaspa’s 2nd Birthday Bash?

Kaspa’s 2nd Birthday Bash is a celebratory event organized to mark the second anniversary of Kaspa, a prominent cryptocurrency platform. It aims to bring together crypto enthusiasts, investors, and industry leaders to commemorate this milestone.

2. How can I participate in the $1M Airdrop Event?

To participate in the $1M Airdrop Event, you need to follow these steps:
1. Create an account on
2. Register for the event on the official Kaspa website.
3. Complete the necessary KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements.
4. Deposit a minimum amount of cryptocurrency specified by the event organizers.
5. Hold the deposited cryptocurrency in your account during the event period to be eligible for the airdrop.

3. What is an airdrop in the context of this event?

In the context of this event, an airdrop refers to the distribution of free cryptocurrency tokens by Kaspa. The airdropped tokens are distributed to eligible participants as a reward for their involvement and support during Kaspa’s 2nd Birthday Bash.

4. Which platforms are collaborating for this event?

OKX (pronounced “OK-Ex”) and are the two platforms collaborating to organize Kaspa’s 2nd Birthday Bash and the associated $1M Airdrop Event. OKX is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange, while is a user-friendly digital wallet and payment platform.

5. How long will the event and airdrop last?

The event and airdrop will span a specific duration, which will be announced by the organizers closer to the date. Participants need to ensure they keep their deposited cryptocurrencies in their accounts throughout the entire event period to be eligible for the airdrop.

6. Are there any restrictions or requirements to participate in the event?

Yes, there are a few requirements and restrictions for participating in the event:
1. You must be of legal age in your jurisdiction to participate.
2. You should have a registered account on
3. Completion of the KYC process is mandatory to be eligible for the airdrop.
4. Depositing the minimum specified amount of cryptocurrency is required.
5. Participants must abide by the event terms and conditions specified by Kaspa, OKX, and

7. How will the airdropped tokens be distributed?

The distribution of airdropped tokens will be determined by the organizers and will depend on various factors, such as the participant’s deposited amount, level of engagement in the event, and compliance with the terms and conditions. The specific distribution mechanism will be communicated by Kaspa, OKX, and closer to the event.